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August 2-3, 2024

Ignite Shootout at the Elkhart Grand Prix

Another reborn street race at the hands of USAC Karting, the Elkhart Grand Prix made its return in 2017. One of the most unique street race layouts makes this a must visit event for sprint racers. Thousands of fans, concert stages and two bridges make this event as unique as they come – a must visit!

Event Information

Event Info

Date: August 2-3, 2024

Location: Elkhart, IN

Venue: Downtown Elkhart

Promoter: USAC Karting

Website: https://www.usackarting.com

Kart Info

Clutch: Hilliard Flame only

Suggested Gearing: 19t*/62t

*-19t is mandatory (#35 chain)

Tires: Hoosier R80 (new tires are not mandatory)

Rain Tires: Hoosier WET (new tires are not mandatory)

Rain Wheels: TruSpeed or DWT allowed

Spec Fuel: TBD

Ignite Classes

Ignite Senior

Age: 15+ years old

Chassis: Ignite K3

Weight: 360lbs

Tires: 4.5/7.1 Hoosier R80

Slide: Black, stock

Ignite Masters

Age: 35+ years old

Chassis: Ignite K3

Weight: 370lbs

Tires: 4.5/7.1 Hoosier R80

Slide: Black, stock

Supplemental Event Rules

  • The spec Hilliard Flame clutch with 19t, #35 sprocket is required
  • Eligibility is open to all competitors, including previous Daytona, Brickyard, RIGP, Ignite Series, and WKA winners
  • Event will be run rain or shine, spec wheels will  be used in the event of rain (Margay #75329 and #75425) on Hoosier 4.5/6.0 WET tires
  • New Hoosier R80 tires are not required at any point during the weekend.  The tires you qualify on will be the tires you are required to use for the rest of that days competition.
  • Spec fuel for this event is TBD and will be mandated by USAC Karting.

Event Schedule

*** Schedule subject to change prior to the events



Mandatory drivers meeting


Practice & Qualifying



Morning Warmup, Heat Races, & Finals


Awards Ceremony





No Kart? No Problem!


Experience this historic event without the hassle of preparing or maintaining your equipment with an Arrive & Drive Ignite package. Get on the track and let our experts take care of the mechanical side so you can focus on having fun!

Bring your own kart!


Own a kart, but want the support and dedication from the Margay Racing team? Sign up for a spot under the Margay tent with mechanical support, space, catered lunches and much more.