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Different Ways to Get On Track

Own Your Own Kart

Want unlimited track time without racking up a bunch in rental fees? Like tinkering in the garage to get everything just right? Owning a kart is the best option for you. Owning your own equipment has loads of advantages. You know every inch of the package, inside and out. Take the kart from the garage to the track.

Arrive & Drive

Want to get on track without the hassle of maintaining or transporting your equipment? Let the professionals handle the set up, you just worry about the driving. Visit some of the best tracks in the country without turning a single wrench with an Ignite Arrive & Drive package. Bring your helmet – we’ll bring the rest! The easiest way to go racing!

What is Spec Racing?

Ignite Chassis

All your competitors race the same chassis, equalizing the performance, adjustability options and ensuring nobody has a leg up on the others.

Briggs 206 Engine

Sealed bottom ends and durable components help extend your Ignite investment. Tolerances are tight, so you know that you are competing on equal equipment.

Hoosier R80 Tires

The hard compound tires help emphasize smooth driving, ensuring the best drivers win. They extend your cost per lap, keeping your money in your pocket.

Where to Race

The Ignite program offers a wide variety of local, region and major level of competition. Take the same kart you race week in and week out with the peace of mind that you only have to focus on the driving.

206 Open Ready

Don’t have a local Ignite program in your area yet? No problem! Our Ignite line of karts is competitive in open Briggs classes too, having snagged top results in national series and clubs all around the United States. The Ignite product is one of the most versatile karts available, handling both soft and hard tires with ease. Our frame construction promotes a wide set-up window, so even if you miss on the wrenches, you still have a chance on track.

Ready to get in the seat already?