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The Ignite K3 is a professionally manufactured kart chassis used in both spec and open level kart racing. Made right in St. Louis, Missouri, the Ignite K3 is responsible for significant growth throughout the midwest by way of the Ignite program. New racer, experienced karter, spec racing or open racing – the Ignite K3 is the perfect kart for you!

Pricing Options

Chassis: Assembled

Tires: Not included

Engine: Not included

Decals: Installed

Seat: Mounted to size

Shipping: Not included

Chassis: Assembled

Tires: Hoosier R80, Not mounted

Engine: Briggs 206, Not mounted

Decals: Not installed

Seat: Not Installed

Shipping: Not included

Chassis: Assembled

Tires: Hoosier R80, Mounted

Engine: Briggs 206, Mounted

Decals: Installed

Seat: Sized & Installed

Shipping: Not included

Technical Details


Frame: 1.25″ & 1.125 multi-alloy

Wheelbase: 41.25″

Kingpin Inclination: 10°

Caster: 15°, adjustable

Ackerman: Adjustable

Front Ride Height: 6 position, adjustable

Rear Ride Height: 2 position, adjustable

Dry Weight: 159lbs


Spindles: 17mm, heat treated

Rear Axle: 40mm x 1040mm x 3mm (wall)

Rear Hubs: 40mm x 65mm, aluminum

Steering Wheel: KG Ignite 3-spoke, flat top

Steering Hub: 2 position, flat mount

Steering Shaft: 19″ x 3/4″, adjustable ackerman


Master Cylinder: MCP Billet, single line

Caliper:MCP Billet, 2 piston, pad adjusters

Brake Lines: Braided, stainless 27″ line

Rotor: 200mm ‘Wave’ style


Front Bumper: KG 505, adjustable height mounting

Fairing: KG 505, with rubber grommets

Side Pods: KG Evo Stilo, with cross bars

Rear Bumper: KG RS3, 3pc adjustable width

Wheels & Tires

Front Wheels: TruSpeed Magnesium, 5″ x 130mm, 17mm mount

Rear Wheels: TruSpeed Magnesium, 5″ x 212mm, euro mount

Tires: Hoosier R80, 4.5/7.1

*** Tires & wheels will be adjustable based on class


Seat: ES1 flat bottom, fiberglass

Lower Mounts: Fixed

Upper Mounts: Bolt-on, adjustable


Engine: Briggs 206cc, air cooled 4-cycle

Mount: Odenthal 4-Cycle Mount International adjustable. 8 degree

Clutch: Hilliard Flame with sprocket

Chain: RLV #35 pitch, 40″ length

Exhaust: RLV #5507 header, #4104 silencer

Air Filter: Briggs #555729 Green air filter

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