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Get Started in Ignite

What is Ignite Karting?

The Ignite program offers affordable entry into karting in an environment with a level playing field for all. Maximize track time and minimize maintenance and costs as you constantly improve your racing skills in an ultra-competitive environment. Factory sealed engines from Briggs Racing and a chassis developed by industry leader Margay Racing combine to provide a platform where the emphasis is solidly on driver development.



Always wanted to get involved in racing but didn’t know where or how to get started? Let us help you through the basics so you can get in the seat this year.



Have some experience karting but tired of getting outspent by the competition? Let us show you how Ignite karting can put you back on a level playing field.



Ignite is a proven program to grow track numbers. Whether you want to gain new members or have a program with a fixed and simple rule set – Ignite karting is the answer!

Ready to get in the seat already?