The Rock Island Grand Prix is one of the premier events in karting. It’s not only a great race, it’s a gathering…a pillar of the great karting events. The Ignite Shootout is the perfect opportunity for those from around the country to ‘fly & drive’ and compete in this labor day weekend classic.

Arrive & Drive Package

  • Fully prepared Ignite K3 racing chassis
  • Seat sized and kart weighted for each individual driver
  • Sealed LO206 engine package
  • New Hoosier 4.5/7.1 R80 tire set
  • Spec Racing fuel
  • Tent space
  • Catered lunches

Kart Owner Package

  • Spec Racing fuel
  • Tent space
  • Catered lunches

What’s Not Included?

  • Race entry fee
  • Safety gear
  • Transponder rental
  • MyChron rental
  • Travel expenses
  • Shared Mechanic

Select Package Options

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Mechanic Options

None: If an Arrive & Drive package is purchased and you elect to proceed without an Ignite mechanic, you will be responsible for your own mechanical needs. No tools will be provided.
Shared Mechanic: A shared mechanic is dedicated to you and 2-3 other drivers’ mechanical needs: seat mounting, gear changes, set-up changes, etc. They are not responsible for getting your kart to the grid, scales, etc.
Dedicated Mechanic: A dedicated mechanic is responsible for you and only you. Everything from pushing your kart to the grid, mechanical changes and needs, getting you from the scales and anything else you will need.


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September 2-3”

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