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St. Louis, MO – (May 7, 2020) – The Ignite spec karting program has seen tremendous growth its first five years. We’ve seen some great racing, local tracks have enjoyed a boost in entries, we have raced at world famous venues and lifelong friendships have been made. Among the reasons for the program’s success is our relentless pursuit of continuity in both the quality of the product and the accompanying rules package. Current world events notwithstanding, racers have confidence that the very same Ignite kart they took delivery of can run competitively at different tracks across the country under the same rules package.

Aside from a change to Hoosier tires in early 2019, the Ignite program has enjoyed 5 years without a single component related rule change. That is a record we take a lot of pride in. Although we would love to extend that streak another five seasons, we are forced to start a new streak. Due to consistent supply related issues, we are forced to make a change in wheel manufacturers. Beginning on May 7th, we will transition to the TruSpeed magnesium wheel as standard equipment on all new Ignite karts and allow the TruSpeed wheel in all Ignite races.

The TruSpeed product is a proprietary Margay brand that has been used and proven on all of our Brava karts for several years. Racers will now have a magnesium wheel that offers less rotating mass and greater heat dissipation.

New Ignite Spec Wheels by Class

Ignite Rookie: TruSpeed 130mm DSM front, 130mm rear

Ignite Junior: TruSpeed 130mm DSM front, 180mm rear

Ignite Senior, Masters & Heavy: 130mm DSM front and 212mm rear

Rule Change Explained

  • Both the previous DWT AlumiLite and  NEW TruSpeed wheels will be allowed for 2020 competition
  • Ignite competitors can trade used DWT AlumiLite wheels for a $60 credit per set, subject to inspection, directly through Margay. For trade-ins, please call (314) 771-4242.

To purchase TruSpeed wheels, please call your local Margay Ignite dealer or visit https://www.margay.com/shopmargay/Magnesium_Wheel_Sets/ 

We’re excited to see everyone on track this season for another great year of spec Ignite competition. If you have any questions, feel free to call (314) 771-4242 or email info@margay.com.