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Year after year, we use feedback from our racers to improve the Ignite Challenge. From little tweaks to big fixes, whatever we can do to make the program a fast, fair and fun series for all of our racers and families to enjoy.

For 2021 we are going big, making huge improvements that our racers have long been asking for. First on the list, is the introduction to our very own in house officiating and administrative team. Starting in 2021 the Ignite Challenge will have its own Race Directors, both on and off track, head flagger and starter and a more efficient and thorough post-race tech process. Same team at each event, leading to consistency and continuity.

Leading our officiating crew is longtime Ignite racer and Margay mechanic – Rod Scharf. Our team will elevate our ability to make the right calls for on-track conduct and race craft, ensuring the Ignite Challenge is a fair series to all who take the green flag.

The officiating team is not the only change for 2021. We are also introducing a dedicated rules package for the series to ensure our racers receive the highest level of competition consistency. New for the 2021 Ignite Challenge series:

  • The introduction of the push back bumper system, the same system we have run at the 2021 Ignite Majors (does not apply to local track races)
  • Overhauled penalty and appeal processes that allow video review for both push back bumper and avoidable contact penalties
  • A more expanded definition of ‘avoidable contact’ that applies different levels of penalties to fit each situation on track
  • Introduction of a timed schedule that will operate the same at each track we go to, eliminating schedule related confusion
  • Increase in our post-race tech staff to guarantee a more thorough, speedy trip to tech
  • Tram lane rules for tracks that have painted tram lines, helping create cleaner starts to each Final

We are excited to kick the season off at Gateway Kartplex Sunday, May 23. Registration for that event, along with details about the track layout, Saturday race, etc. will be announced tomorrow.
We look forward to seeing you at the track soon!

For the complete 2021 Ignite Challenge rules, please visit the link below.