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Why Ignite Karting is Right for Your Track

Spec Racing Creates Growth

Consumers in today’s karting market are different than at any time in the sports history. Racers do not want to be out spent. In most of the traditional kart series, if the competition is willing to put a new set of tires – they will win. It becomes a race to the wallet instead of the finish line. Ignite karting pairs the already established Briggs 206 engine package with a hard, Hoosier R80 compound tire and spec Ignite kart – ensuring the competition is equal from the start.

Simplify Your Inventory

Spec racing has its obvious advantages for the racers, but it carries plenty of upside for you as well. No longer do you have to stock several compounds of tires, clutches, bodywork, etc. Keep your shelf space simple and your money in your business with Ignite’s simple and consolidated rule set. One type of chassis to stock parts for, one type of clutch, one compound of tire – it doesn’t get easier than that!

What is Spec Racing?

Ignite Chassis

All competitors race the same chassis, equalizing the performance, adjustability options and ensuring no competitor has a leg up on the others.

Briggs 206

Sealed bottom ends and durable components help extend the investment for Ignite karters. Tolerances are tight, so racers know that they are competing on equal equipment.

Hoosier R80 Tires

The hard compound tires help emphasize smooth driving, ensuring the best drivers win. They extend the cost per lap for racers, keeping them racing at the track longer.

Want to see Ignite at your track?

Major Opportunities
Drive Sales

Offering racers more options is key in gaining long term membership. They can race weekly and tune their skills at your local track, then take their talents to the next level at an Ignite Major. Options help make sure everyone has a plan for them.